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Should I Re-Purpose My Ceremony Flowers?

One of the most common questions we get from our clients when it comes to their wedding florals is if they can and should re-purpose ceremony flower arrangements. The desire to stay within budget and not let any flower arrangements "go to waste" is something brides and grooms are concerned about. The short answer to this question? Absolutely!

The most popular way to re-purpose ceremony flowers (and one of our favorite suggestions!) is for couples to use their arch/arbor arrangements on their sweetheart table or head table. Talk to your floral designer about creating a piece that is easily moved following the ceremony and can be safely placed on top of your linens to add some gorgeous florals without breaking the bank.

Another popular option is to re-purpose bridesmaids bouquets. These are a great option for adding florals to sign in tables, guestbook tables, dessert tables, and more! Most wedding receptions have a lot of surfaces, whether it's for favors, place cards or gifts. Once the wedding party photos are complete, bridesmaids bouquets can add a nice touch in the reception area. Ask your floral designer to deliver your bridesmaids bouquets in a small vase to make their placement in the reception area easier, and to provide a water source throughout your event.

Bridal bouquets are another popular option for re-purposing in your reception. If you want a simpler sweetheart table, simply lay your bridal bouquet down once you're's just the right size for a beautiful pop of florals, and if you're planning to toss it, you have easy access when the time comes to call all the single ladies to the dance floor. Like with bridesmaids bouquets, you can also ask your floral designer to deliver your bouquet in a vase for display on your sweetheart table, head table, or another location in the reception.

Re-purposing your floral arrangements after the ceremony is a great way to stay within budget, be more eco-friendly, and enjoy all of your florals throughout your special day. Check with your floral designer for other ideas on how to re-purpose your ceremony florals once you've tied the knot. Happy planning!

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