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Our 2022 Wedding Floral Predictions

2022 is fast approaching (can you believe it!?) and we have some predictions for what the new year will hold when it comes to all things wedding flowers! Below are our top insights into what you can expect to see in 2022 in terms of color palettes, flower choices, decor, and more!

Shades of Orange and Peach

By far, our top prediction for wedding florals in 2022 is that varying shades of oranges ranging from terracotta to peach will be very popular. Many of our clients in 2022 are incorporating shades of orange, from peach-y orange dahlias in the Spring to rust-y orange dahlias in the Fall. Coffee break and cinnamon roses are two of our favorite varieties that we plan on using often, and we couldn't be happier because these warm, cheerful blooms are always welcomed with open arms in our studio.

Pampas Grass is Here to Stay

Pampas grass was hugely popular in 2020 and 2021, and you can expect to see it often in 2022 weddings as well. The fluffy etherealness it brings, especially when incorporated with other dried materials like bunny tails, palm fans, and more, is hard to beat. Thank goodness we have several hundred stems of dried pampas in our studio waiting for their time to shine!

Ceramics and Metallics are a Top Choice for Vases, Vessels and Decor

We are continuing to see a departure from the traditional clear glass vessels in our 2022 weddings, as more and more clients opt for the incorporation of other materials like metals, ceramics and wood. Vases and vessels are one of our favorite ways to add different colors and textures to our designs, and we have spent the last several years carefully curating our collection of rental items to add just the right touch to our events. We can't wait to see them in action next year!

An Emphasis on Local Ingredients

We also prefer to purchase locally grown ingredients, but our 2022 clients are often requesting that we put even more of an emphasis on decreasing the carbon footprint of their florals by using only California grown product. We are so enthusiastic about this push towards sustainability, and always love supporting our local farms, some of which are located mere miles from our studio. Not only is local product fresher and more beautiful, but the environmental impact is far less than using imported ingredients.

Ribbons, Ribbons and More Ribbons!

2022 really seems to be the year of ribbon, with many of our clients requesting hand dyed silks for their bouquets. We are ribbon fanatics and love supporting small businesses that create the most beautiful bundles of bridal ribbons for us to gush over. We can't wait to use tons of beautiful ribbons in our designs next year...the flowier the better!

So there you have it, our top predictions for 2022 wedding florals! Which of these are you most excited about? We can't wait to work with all of the amazing clients we have booked for 2022...stay tuned in the new year for lots of photos from our events!

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