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Ben Zorn and Stacy Santilena's Magical Summer Wedding

One of our most exciting events for 2020 was going to be the wedding of "The Bachelorette" and "Bachelor in Paradise" alum Ben Zorn and his beautiful fiance Stacy Santilena. Of course, 2020 had other plans for absolutely everything and, like most couples, Ben and Stacy were forced to postpone their wedding until 2021. With this postponement came a few changes, including a new baby for the couple and a new venue, but on July 25, 2021 the wedding was finally able to happen at Triple S Ranch in Calistoga, California.

Since we had a lot of time to discuss ideas with Stacy, we came to know her style, color palette and vision really well. Working with Lauren Hutton of Sydney Camille Events is always a dream for us, and all three of us collaborated on making the wedding florals just right for Stacy and Ben.

Of course, selecting the perfect flowers was crucial. Stacy loves pinks, and adding dusty rose, white and peach toned blooms, along with lush foliage was the start of the floral magic. We ordered hundreds, yes hundreds, of Alaskan grown peonies, locally grown dahlias, lisianthus, roses, anemones and more to add to the mix. Our studio was a floral paradise in the days leading up to the wedding!

Stacy's bridal bouquet was a focus for us, and we wanted to get it just right for her walk down the aisle. Stacy loves pampas grass, but pampas can easily overwhelm any floral arrangement so we very sparingly included it in her bouquet as an accent. We loved creating an airy, ethereal look for the bridal bouquet and Stacy's delight when we presented it to her was one of our favorite moments of the day.

The ceremony area at Triple S Ranch is quite large and full of possibilities. From the centuries old black walnut tree, to the expansive patio and austere stone pillars flanking the entrance, we

wanted the ceremony to be a wow moment with blooms from top to bottom. Our amazing crew of assistants and freelancers included three other fellow florists and we all worked for hours installing a jaw dropping piece on the trunk of the tree. We also decked out the aisles

with freestanding arrangements full of pampas to add airiness, and used the stone pillars as a base for

an open arbor. Even though it was a hot summer day, the shade of the walnut tree provided a cool environment for the thousands of flowers we used in the ceremony. It was absolutely breathtaking.

Before Stacy and Ben could say their vows, however, the bridal party had to walk down the exceptionally long aisle which proved a challenge with the intricate lacy train Stacy had on her bridal gown. To "shorten" the walk, we had an arch custom made and decorated it with drapery and garland, placing some lantern vignettes at the base, allowing Stacy

to have a starting point for her walk to Ben that was much closer, keeping her gown dust free. It resulted

in a truly romantic "reveal" moment, when the curtains were pulled back and Ben was finally able to gaze

upon Stacy for the first time.

The ceremony was magical, full of laughter, love, tears, hugs and kisses. Stacy's beautiful mother was her Matron of Honor, and the couple's lovable pooch Zeus was always close by, making sure that everything was going according to plan. Stacy and Ben's baby boy, Logan, traveled down the aisle in his wagon and was just as cute as could be, watching his mommy and daddy say their vows. It was a wonderful start to a day celebrating the beginning of this amazing family.

After the ceremony, it was party time. We repurposed the meadow aisle arrangements to create a floral meadow surrounding Stacy and Ben's sweetheart table. The unique farm tables at Triple S were the perfect backdrops for long, lush garlands

completely full of blooms and hundreds of candles to add light to the space. It was a fun evening, especially with the show put on by the caterer, Sleight of Hand Pizza, who did an amazing job demonstrating just how athletic pizza dough tossing can be!

After dinner it was time to head inside the barn, and the couple and their family and friends danced the night away while we rested at home after

working from 6AM-6PM straight to make sure the florals were exactly how we wanted them to be.

We were and will continue to be so honored that we got to participate in this

very very special wedding. It was a dream come true for us, and we will look back on the memories of this magical day for years to come. We hope you find these beautiful photos captured by Kandace Gonzalez Photography to be us today and maybe we can help make your floral dreams come true!

Amazing Vendor Team:

Coordinator - Sydney Camille Events

Videographer - The Forest Route

Makeup - Makeup by Adele

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