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Breaking Down the "Pinterest Bouquet"

If you're planning your wedding and doing a little digging on Pinterest for longer than a minute, chances are you have seen this bouquet. This is by far the number one inspiration picture we receive from our brides for their bridal bouquets. We aren't sure who the florist was who created it, but the photo was captured by Iris Photography in West Hartford, CT and you can find it here: . Since this bouquet is such a favorite with brides we thought it would be fun to break down exactly what is in it to give brides a better idea of the flowers they should request when their florist asks them for favorites. We will also explore the seasonality of the flowers in this bouquet and offer some alternatives for different budgets.

Flower number one is a wedding staple: the rose! In particular, this is a garden rose. There are several beautiful varieties of garden rose in white and your florist will know which one is best for your bouquet. If garden roses are out of your price range (they are a high end flower), opt for a standard rose instead. Some of them even resemble a garden rose, particularly the variety "Playa Blanca." Your florist can guide you in the right direction to the right rose for you, and the good news is that roses are available in abundance year round!

Flower number two is another wedding favorite: the spray rose. These are also abundant year round and smell amazing. There are several white and ivory varieties and your florist can let you know which option is the best for your bouquet. They also are great for boutonnieres, corsages, hair flowers, and flower crowns and look stunning in centerpieces and everywhere in between. If your florist thinks spray roses fit within your vision and budget, definitely be excited about that because you are in for a treat! If they aren't a good fit, miniature carnations are a nice alternative at a lower pricepoint.

The third flower is the always popular and seriously gorgeous ranunculus. This is one of the most requested wedding flowers for very good reason. It's lovely and slightly unusual texture adds so much to a bouquet or arrangement and it comes in so many beautiful colors beside this pristine white. Unfortunately for many brides, the ranunculus is only widely available in the Spring and has to be imported during the rest of the year which makes it quite pricey depending on the month. If your florist doesn't advise including ranunculus in your florals, lisianthus, dahlias or spray roses are a good alternative.

This next picture actually features two separate blooms: lisianthus and snowberries. These act as secondary or filler flowers, but help tie the look together. Berries add a lovely texture to any arrangement and the lisianthus adds gorgeous height and movement. Ask your florist what berries are in season and within your budget: there are many varieties!

This next picture features another type of berry that is quite popular in wedding florals due to it's unusual, beautiful color: silver brunia. This can be tricky to get ahold of depending on the time of year and can also be quite pricey, so be sure to check with your florist if it fits within your budget. Like we mentioned above, there are many types of berries that can be included in your bouquet and your florist can guide you to what will work best for your event.

Now that we've covered all the blooms, let's move onto the foliage! This beautiful silver leaf is the always popular dusty miller. Dusty miller comes in two textures, flat leaf or lace leaf, and this bouquet features the flat leaf variety. Dusty miller is one of the most requested types of foliage for weddings but keep in mind it is susceptible to wilting so if you are getting married during the warm months, your florist might advise against using it in your bouquet. It is also one of the more high end foliages so make sure your budget can allow for it if you have your heart set on it.

Our last picture features the rest of the foliage which is several varieties of eucalyptus. Eucalyptus is SUCH a versatile foliage and comes in so many different shapes, textures and color varieties. Check with your florist to see what varieties of eucalyptus they recommend for your bouquet. Our favorites include seeded eucalyptus, silver dollar eucalyptus, baby eucalyptus, and gunni eucalyptus

We hope you've enjoyed this breakdown of a very popular, beautiful bouquet. Now that you are familiar with some of the flowers and foliages featured in it, ask your florist if they are available and within your budget. We hope your wedding bouquet is everything you've ever dreamed of and makes your heart light up for years to come.

If you are in the San Francisco Bay Area or Central Coast and looking for someone to create your own perfect bridal bouquet, please contact us at .

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