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Boho vs. Organic vs. Garden Style...What Does it All Mean?

When it comes to describing your vision for your wedding florals the words and phrases you can use seem endless. Boho? Organic? Classic? Garden style? Traditional? Rustic? Rustic chic? What exactly is the correct word you should be using when explaining your style to your vendors?

Three of the most commonly used words that often seem interchangeable when describing wedding florals are "boho," "organic," and "garden style." These are very hot keywords on Pinterest and Instagram and have dominated wedding blogs and inspiration accounts for the past several years. But what do they mean really? Which one are you thinking of? Well, the truth is that there is a lot of cross over between the different styles, but there are some differences, too!

The word "boho" is actually short for "bohemian," a word that, in the mid 19th century, came to be used as a descriptor for a non-traditional lifestyle, particularly when associated with art, literature and music. When used to describe a wedding in the 21st century, it's all about having an alternative, artistic and free-spirited vibe: unusual color palettes, unexpected decor and unstructured florals. Showcase your creativity! This is what having a boho wedding is all about.

Organic is another word often used interchangeably with boho, and while boho wedding florals are often organic in style, organic style weddings are not necessarily as non-traditional as a boho wedding. When it comes to organic style flowers, think loose and airy. Flowers and foliage are arranged to highlight their natural shapes, textures, and movement. The traditional color palettes associated with weddings (i.e. whites, blushes, peaches, pastels) are commonly featured in the organic style. With organic wedding florals, the emphasis isn't so much on non-traditional, but on the idea that you plucked your blooms from a meadow and brought them with you for your special day.

Okay, so what is garden style then? Again, there is a lot of overlap between garden style and organic, as well as boho, but there are differences, too. When it comes to garden style wedding flowers, the organic, whimsical shapes of the organic style are still present, but with an emphasis on blooms you might find growing in a garden. Huge, lush peonies, fragrant roses, the sweetest of sweet peas, this style of florals is definitely flower focused. A garden style bouquet can feature any color palette you can imagine finding in a garden overflowing with blooms, from bright pops of pink and purple, to oranges to reds, there is no right or wrong way to celebrate the colors of a garden. If you are a flower lover, garden style wedding florals are for you!

We hope that this has been a helpful explanation of these sometimes confusing terms you might discover when trying to hone in on your vision for your wedding florals. Whatever you decide is the style you want for your big day, the most important thing is that it reflect you and your personality. A wedding is all about the couple, and if you want to stick to one aesthetic, mix styles or create something entirely unique to you, the best advice we can give you is to just go for it!

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